9th and Washington

There are people throughout Philadelphia, the region, and even throughout the United States who recognize 9th and Washington as the heart of the Italian Market. You too can get a glimpse of the “Old Country” by visiting our P&F Giordano Market at the corner of 9th and Washington.

Fruits Vegetables Cheeses Pasta and more…

At P&F Giordano’s Market, you will not only enjoy the atmosphere of one of America’s last open-air markets, but you can shop for the foods and special ingredients that will make your kitchen table a prized place in your home. We also supply regional restaurants with all their specialty needs.


Considered by many as one of the iconic landmarks in Philadelphia, P&F Giordano in the Italian Market, located at the corner of the 9th and Washington, was established in 1921.

Though raised just miles apart in a small Italian town in Sicily, it took a Trans-Atlantic boat ride for Paul and Frances Giordano to actually meet each other in South Philadelphia.

Long-time the purveyor for many of the city’s restaurants and kitchen tables, P&F Giordano is your market for the fruits, vegetables, cheeses, chicken, pasta, and a full-variety of foods that will adorn your table.

Come visit us and get a glimpse back into the “old country,” as our store anchors one of the historic open-air markets in all of America.  It’s truly worth the trip down 9th Street to visit P&F Giordano’s.



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